Reviews from the visitors book

This is an inspirational and moving place, inspiring awe at the extraordinary skill and industry of man throughout 2,000 years and moving because of its testament to the injustices of a system that enabled such labour to be valued so lightly – a must see destination and many congratulations on the best guided tour I have ever had.
Tim Smit – Director , Eden Project, Bodelva, Cornwall. 

Really fascinating and entertaining.
A great insight into local and national history.

Hitchin, Herts – 28/10/2019.

Excellent Tour. A fascinating look into time gone by.
Well worth a visit.

Sidmouth – 28/09/2019.

Very haunting captivating stories that brought the past alive. Thank You.
(The ponchos were very much appreciated).

Glasgow – 02/08/2019.
Fantastic experience thanks to our guides passion and competence.
Highly recommended.

Borth, Wales – 10/07/2019.
Fantastic tour with wonderful local history.
Pitched to both adults and children.

Hampshire – 21/06/2019.
Time Capsule with incredible stories and History.
Great tribute to the past!

Essex – 08/05/2019.
Amazing tour.
History preserved underground.

Seaton – 18/04/2019.
A fantastic slice into history
Very interesting and also very moving.

London – 24/10/2018. 
Three visits and just as fascinating as the first visit.
Learn something new every time so worth more visits. Thanks.

Sidmouth – 29/09/2018. 
Wow! Nothing like this at home. The guide was brilliant and made it so real.
Thank You.

Aukland New Zealand – 15/08/2018.